Brick House Media's  founding director,  Jared Brick  presenting to a sold-out crowded house,  NewCo Bay Area  at Port Workspaces in Oakland, CA

Brick House Media's founding director, Jared Brick presenting to a sold-out crowded house, NewCo Bay Area at Port Workspaces in Oakland, CA

 BHMC Founder

BHMC Founder

Jared Brick



Marketing + Business Strategist

• Multimedia Educator + Speaker

• Photographer + Media Creator

• Award-Winning Innovator

Videographer Director + Editor

MBA in Sustainable Business




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Brick House Media delivers with passion + purpose to support creative people and bold businesses that drives media innovation, leverages new media technologies and creates new opportunities for sustainable revenue growth!

BHMC matured from Jared's vision to become a professional photographer, and share new perspectives of this dynamic evolving world. He founded Brick House Images in 2000, to fulfill on that creative passion. He's always possessed an attraction to visual media, with talents in social marketing, skills in digital education, strategy tools and a lifetime of expertise in photography and video. BHMC offers an opportunity to leverage all of these areas for emerging thought leaders and our break through clients. 

Jared holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School, and a Studio Arts photography degree from University of Colorado. He loves to learn, thus education continues to be a core component of his work. Jared developed these custom services after completing the MBA program; to better the world through business, as a medium.

Our mission is to evolve business as we know it, providing multimedia support for bold innovative leaders, and help to have a larger positive impact in this world!

Jared created his own eco-social impact startup with TraX while also working for Lyft, UberX and Bolder. BHMC was born in Oakland circa 2013. From 2016-2017, headquartered at the Port Workspaces and built a new collaborative multimedia studio under Gryp! We are now based out of Santa Cruz, where Jared happily lives with his two wild sons, and Brit wifey. In 2017, Jared focused on a private innovation course... Break On Through, to serve the world with an online development program that transforms experts into leaders! Reach out to Jared to connect and thanks for taking the time to learn more. 

Onwards with passion and purpose,

 Begin your journey ... find a new path to walk, be adventurous!

Jared Brick, MBA

Founding Media Director

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BHMC works with passionate professionals to support business in developing a cohesive and powerful media strategies.


Website Developers

Content Curation

Video Animators

Graphic Designers

Strategic Advisors


Thought Leaders




New and growing social media channels arise so we can keep up with new platforms. Some companies and brands will find better results on the bigger social channels, and some can grow quite well on the new channels.  Contact us to learn how they can work for you!

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Create inspirational, educational and actionable content!
— Jared Brick, Media Director
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