We are hustlers. Sharp motivated people that innovate fast, create businesses and scale for massive growth opportunities. We seek our own path in life, not waiting for someone to hand it to us... and we know it will take hard work to go beyond average to attain our ambitious dreams!

We embrace zen. As a way of living a careful balancing act of living and being mindful of the present moment with compassion for ourselves and others.  We strive for a calm mind with insightful clarity, so that we may remain in the creative productive flow.  

we Welcome you... Zen Hustlers

Hosted by Jared Brick • Brick House Media Co



Components of a zen way of living are mindfulness to the present moment, compassion and kindness for the self and others, tuning into appreciation and thoughtfulness while increasing creativity, clarity and thus insights.

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Living the hustle life is about pushing your limits for growth, typically around success in business. You are seeking an extraordinary life of your dreams based on hard work and tenacity of your passions and purpose here.

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We're seeking to have it all in this life... personal success, freedom, growing wealth, true connections and finding our greatest self.  We know we need to embrace real gratitude to truly enjoy it all and find balance on the edge!


The 'Hustle' can get lonely...

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  • A hustle mindset can often be too fast-paced, frenetic at times and fraught overcoming personal deeply seeded fears
  • Our focus on the future can remove us from the present moment, yet our only point in time that we can truly control
  • Our work and commitment for growth, often keeps us distracted from the appreciation of what we already possess
  • Living in balance can often feel like settling or even laziness, as we are not busy 'working' all the time... this is a myth!
  • Knowing and 'being' are quite different, learning to practice zen habits as a new skill for hustlers to BE in the moment more
Hustlers are often told to grind, work harder and never give up... that’s just an unsustainable way to work and live!
— Jared Brick • Zen Hustler's founder


  • Creating more time and space to calm our always active busy-mind chatter when living the hustler way of life
  • Trusting in a new path towards mindfulness as a source of more appreciation for what we already possess inside us
  • Understanding the power of a calmer clearer mindstate and the impact of an open peaceful heart in life and work
  • Creating your own personal zen path including daily practices on mindfulness, meditation and living in more balance
  • Learning to welcome daily gratitude, an appreciation for deeper clarity to yield productive actions and purpose in life
Placing your attention in the present moment with curiosity and kindness
— Kim Nicol •






Am I doing enough... am I enough?
— the ego



  • VitaMonk - Brain drugs nootropics for peak performance
  • Nootrobox - Brain enhancing nootropic drugs delivered
  • Bulletproof  - Nutritional products and supplements to keep your mind focused
  • Soylent - Complex nutrition, affordable drinkable food
  • Flyby - Drink smart to live better, hangover cure



  • Kim Nicol - Meditation and mindfulness workshops for busy business people and startup companies
  • Boundless Bliss- Transcendental travel experience with Kute Blackson in Bali + the Liberation Experience in India.
  • LifeSpa - Ayurvedic Cleanse with Dr. John Douillard
  • Thermogenex - Using ice baths and body freezes to restore and reduce inflammations




  • BUFFER - Syndicate your social media posts over time
  • SCOOP IT - Curate online content from the web
  • PAGES FACEBOOK - Manage your FB page easily
  • SLACK APP - Replace team email and communications


  • CALM APP - Support for meditation and calm
  • HEADSPACE APP - Learn to meditate and be mindful
  • OMVANA APP - Meditation, focus, sleep and inspiration
  • Suggest your favorites, email us below!


  • WISDOM 2.0 CONFERENCE - Live gatherings for people passionate about living with more mindfulness + wisdom ☯
  • HIVE GLOBAL LEADERS PROGRAM - A 3-day leadership program for mission driven leaders, innovators + entrepreneurs ☯
  • HUSTLE CON - Live startup event in Oakland, CA featuring leading speakers + entrepreneurs 'non-tech' startup tactics ⚡
  • HEROIC PUBLIC SPEAKING - Michael Port's live workshops to help people find and express their authentic voice ⚡
  • More coming soon and feel free to send us a nomination or suggestion below


(listed in alphabetical order)

  • EMILY ANHALT M.D. - Psychological Consultant, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, promoter of self-awareness for founders
  • TOM BILYEU - Exploring human potential, nutrition, diet and fitness expert and co-founder Quest Nutrition + Impact Theory
  • KUTE BLACKSON - Transformational coach and author with the Liberation Experience and Boundless Bliss trips.
  • RICHARD BRANSON - Bold founder of over 300 companies under the Virgin brand, entrepreneur + adventurer 
  • LISA BRICK - Power and purpose transformational coach focusing individuals exploring their deeper desires and purpose
  • REID HOFFMAN - Founder at Linkedin, entrepreneur and investor
  • DAVID GOGGINS - Founder of Beyond Motivated, Navy Seal and inspirational speaker and for intense motivation
  • STEVEN KOTLER - Founder, author and speaker on creative flow mastery for athletes and business productivity
  • KIM NICOL - Mindfulness and meditation coach + workshop leader for business people, startups and entrepreneurs
  • BRANDON PEELE- Purpose discovery guide, bold author, speaker thought leader, supporting people and businesses
  • MICHAEL PORT- Co-founder, actor and entrepreneur at Heroic Public Speaking, a coach and mentor for boldly speaking
  • MEL ROBBINS -  Renowned motivational, keynote speaker, a CNN commentator, The 5 Second Rule, best-selling author
  • TONY ROBBINS - Breakthrough life, business and personal coach to the world... has impacted millions!
  • GARY VAYNERCHUCK - Founder of Vayner Media and badass live event speaker, author, podcaster, professional hustler
  • STEVE WOZNIAK - Co-founder at Apple, need more than that?
  • Please send us your nomination + suggestions below


  • ZEN FOUNDER - Podcast by husband and wife team Sherry + Rob on startup business, balancing family and life
  • ZEN HUSTLE - Podcast series by Alan VanToai, experienced entrepreneur in mindfulness business explorations
  • THE TIM FERRISS SHOW - The human guinea pig of human potential, author and Four Hour Work Week entrepreneur 
  • ZEN BUDDHISM YOKOJI PODCAST - Listen to Dharma Talks by Tenshin Roshi to learn more about true Zen Buddhism.
  • ZENCAST - Sharing one inspiring Dharma talk every Sunday with friends around the world, as a podcast

Zen hustlers



Zen Hustlers was recently started by Jared Brick, an award-winning innovator, emerging thought leader and entrepreneur in multimedia marketing. Jared has been seeking more resources and community around balancing the now popular 'hustle mindset' and also seeking more balance in his life. Originally from New Jersey, Jared learned to 'hustle' from a young age and has since traveled the world to realize there are many ways to live a deeply fulfilling life... he is still figuring it out. Zen Hustlers was born out of this desire for more balance.

Jared holds MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School and started Brick House Media Co (2013), a custom multimedia marketing company based in the SF Bay Area. He is proud the father of two awesome high energy young boys, married to a fun Brit and recently moved to the Santa Cruz mountains to  live a more zen lifestyle out in nature.


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