Adventure Videos + Motivational Voice + Music Playlists

People are playing, exercising and working-out in completely different ways now. New outdoor adventure sports are popping up all over the world and fitness trends are highly dynamic. The world of streaming action video is available everywhere and our "smart" devices can now play audio and video anywhere!

Outdoor sports often require us to train indoors or in the off-seasons, yet we still crave the thrill of the action to motivate us. We already listen to heart pumping music tracks to match our workouts to keep pushing ourselves harder. Also, we read and listen to motivational audio (coaches + trainers) to give us that inner edge, to overcome something deep within us. Now it is time to blend them together!


"Technology can move us into a new realm" 


MOV is a music + video + voice streaming platform to move your mind + body deeper for workouts, trainings and getting into flow!

Moving images provided by Flixel's cinemagraph gallery here: View more
Moving images provided by Flixel's cinemagraph gallery here: View more


Select an action sports video, add an epic music track, then choose a motivational voiceover from expert coaches + athletes!

MOV works great for the following activities:

  • Home fitness, indoor gym workouts, watching fitness videos or listening to music when exercising (MOV Fit)

  • MOV into a deeper zone mind-state with high adventure POV style videos

  • Customize it all with heart pumping music streams (Mov tracks) 

  • Deepen your inner mind to attain flow states with motivational voices* (Mov Mind)

  • Customize each workout with your own videos, your music + your voice (Mov Me) 

MOV blends these impactful components into a fully customizable streaming audio-video platform for outdoor fitness and indoor workouts for aspiring and pro-athletes. There is a whole new class of people out there and they still need to train, work-out and push themselves harder to deeper focus for their outdoor sports.

MOV is the platform for people to build, grow and deepen themselves... physically, mentally and psychologically!


Featuring GoPro, Drones, DSLRs + 360º Adventure Cameras to allow us to be immersed into the moment... anywhere in the world we want to be!

Moving images provided by Flixel's cinemagraph gallery here: View more
Moving images provided by Flixel's cinemagraph gallery here: View more


MOV is a base media platform and the below companies become potential partners and content sponsors!

Content creators have hours, days, weeks of non-utilized long-form content wasting away on hard-drives that can be repurposed for MOV.
— Jared Brick, MOV founder

Moving images provided by Flixel's cinemagraph gallery here: View more

Alpha: MOV Bike rides with Jared Brick • Founder

MOV Mountain Bike downhill riding Berkeley, CA Music track by Ashwin Khosa "Go" and motivational voice by Jared Brick 

MOV Bike Uphill timelapse mountain ride in Berkeley ... Remember to MOV today!


Red Bull video with music, epic POV video and athlete voice-over for inspiration and deeper motivations!

Pear Sports app leverages professional athletes to train you via the mobile app and wearables.  


FLOW GENOME - Getting into a mental flow state

FLOW 101 - Secrets of the Zone with top atheletes


If you have any longer form videos 15-60 minutes duration


MOV is accepting the following video content and connections, please contact us below:

  • Adventure POV video footage from 15 minutes and longer up to to 60 minute videos

  • Outdoor athletes, professionals, Olympians, great motivational coaches and mentors with great energy + voices

  • DJs, musicians and access to music tracks for videos that are heart pumping for fitness workouts

  • Introductions to connections and industry folks that we should get in touch with to grow MOV

We are seeking music tracks, POV action sport videos and voice-over tracks for the following outdoor sports: 
• Biking (mountain or road)
• Running (street or trail)
• Skateboarding (street or mnt.)
• Kayaking (river + oceans)
• Boxing + Martial Arts
• Swimming (ocean, rivers, lakes are preferred)
• Surfing (you can keep paddling footage in it)
• Body + Wake boarding
• Rock climbing (outdoor preferred)
• Yoga (outdoors only)
• Got other sports you love... (horse-riding, etc.?)

(human energy only, no powered machines please)

Please rename all your music, voice and videos files with your name in it for example: ( - sarahjoneshike1.mp3)

You must own ALL the rights to these videos... yes it must be yours, no exceptions. Anyone featured in the music, voice or video, must give consent to be shared... no content of others or professionals accepted, unless it is you!

If we select your content for our MOV trials, we will contact you directly, so please send us a message below also.


Name *
We welcome your ideas, connections and introductions to helpful people!

MOV is now featured on Angel List at: by innovator and founder, Jared Brick

Header video by Red Bull Media