Many people, companies and schools offer “photography + video classes“… but few have the real skills to perform at 1:1 private custom teaching. Jared Brick has spent the last 10 years refining his photographic and video teaching style to fit all levels on any camera make & model to fit in a ton of useful info into each private lesson. 

I took a private photography class from Jared and it was excellent! It was 2 hours packed full of useful information delivered in an easy to understand way, I would definitely recommend his classes!
— Brigid H. - Oakland, CA



Learning your DSLR camera with private 1:1 lessons on core foundations of photography: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, lenses, best practices and more! 



Photography is a bold creative art form and blends visual composition with some light mathematical skills. We teach you the basics you will need to control the light into the camera! 

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Video captures the moving image with sound and movement. Most cameras now include video mode, so we can work with you on learning how to best capture your moments with video! 



Your first 2-hour lesson covers the following foundational aspects of digital photography:

  • Getting to know your camera and relevant photo gear with an overview of the features you will need to know.
  • Learn the finer details about ISO, White Balance (WB), optimal Color settings, using Flash, maximizing focus and exposure settings.
  • Demystify aperture (f/stops) to learn how each camera and lens controls for light and depth.
  • Learn about about life in motion with Shutter Speed, as you discover the rules around movement with photography.
  • Discover photo secrets and tips that Jared will share with you to truly get most out of your camera!


Your second 2-hour lesson covers on-location shooting practices for increasing your abilities:

  • Learn to control any camera in a diverse set of lighting scenarios and conditions, interior and exterior light.
  • Get comfortable shooting in S or TV modes on your camera, controlling shutter speeds for time, motion and blurring special effects.
  • Learn about why to shoot in A or AV modes on your camera, controlling aperture and f/stops for depth, light and forcing viewers attention.
  • Dive into M manual mode and shoot like a PRO! Learn how to fully control your camera with help from your light meter.
  • All on-location lessons use your camera with you holding the reigns, we also practice backlighting, fill-flash and speed/motion examples.


Your third 2-hour lesson covers a variety of topics from advanced techniques to photo editing on your computer:

  • Learn the PRO way to download, import and archive your digital images to the computer and onto external hard-drives.
  • Get instruction on photo editing software including: Photoshop, Elements, Adobe’s Lightroom, iPhoto and Picasa/Flickr.
  • Cover editing basics of cropping, color balancing, saturation, contrast, composition, noise reduction, issues for finer edit adjustments.
  • Learn to convert your RAW or JPG color images to black & white, and many other great image effects, such as HDR photography.
  • Review exporting, online sharing to easily build photo galleries, burn to discs, upload or simply back-up your archives.

Custom + Advanced Lessons

Are you an experienced photographer simply looking to increase skills in one area. Check out the below areas we can work with you on to leap you into new skills fast and effectively! 

  • Learn iPhoto, Picasa or PS Elements editing
  • Website and product photography techniques
  • Real-estate shooting
  • Fine-art and other photo basics
  • Specialized photographic or video situations/scenes 
  • HD Video and DSLR video recordings
  • Advanced lighting + flash techniques
  • Professional portraiture for kids or adults
  • Off-camera sync flash techniques (gear needed)
  • Computer editing on Adobe’s Photoshop/Lightroom

Location Details

All lessons will meet with Jared Brick  at the following locations around the Bay:

Santa Cruz: Meet up at a local park, in the Redwoods,  a local beach area or location of your choice for private lessons!

East Bay: Oakland, Berkeley, UC Berkeley campus, El Cerrito, Marina or other great local photography spots

San Francisco: Ferry Building, Union Square or parks, cafes and other public areas

Bay Area Locations: Are you located outside the East Bay or SF, if so, contact us for a lesson quote to meet you

At Home: If you need Jared to come to your home or local neighborhood to learn more about photography, contact us! 

Prices + Payments

Rates: Average of $60 per hour for 2-hour sessions, prices may not include travel time outside the above mentioned areas.

Packages: To help save you money and speed up your learning we created packages, that are paid in-advance below. 

2 hours of lessons as 1 session = $120

4 hours of lessons as 2 sessions = $220 (saves $20)

6 hours of lessons as 3 sessions = $320 (saves $40) 

Payments: Accept cash, check or credit cards online via Payments are paid in-advance to the scheduled first lesson, or due at the end of each lesson. Personal or business checks are payable to Jared Brick, contact us for address. 


Gift someone you like private lessons, simply email us with their full name and the email of the person, and pay in advance (above options). You or they can receive the printed gift voucher for the lesson in the mail or via email (pdf). Simple right?

Meet Jared Brick • PRO Multimedia Educator


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my lessons. I started this work over 17 years ago, and love the personal interaction of working with all types of creative people. I'm passionate about 1:1 and small group teaching, building skills, and experiencing others getting inspired... it all keeps me so motivated to do even more.
People say I possess an easy-going way about working, and when teaching I try to relate challenging and complex details in a simple to remember method. My lessons, multimedia marketing, photography and video services, provide people with a creative, professional and efficient way to grow! Please contact me to see how I can help you!


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