How to Launch a Purpose Revolution

Nov. 16 - Today is day one of a fifty day run on Indiegogo with the Purpose Revolution, an upcoming book and video series.  The founder and purpose guide, Brandon Peele is an old friend and when he proposed this launch... I immediately offered my assistance.

The upcoming book, The Purpose Revolution and The Science of Purpose, video series coming in 2016!

The upcoming book, The Purpose Revolution and The Science of Purpose, video series coming in 2016!

Crowdfunding now-a-days is more of a data methodology than any real mystery.  It takes a coordinated and strategic mindset to meet certain goals and then hit on all cylinders... a secret sauce, not really, more like following a complicated recipe.  It can be done for sure and today is proving day for us. Obviously the quality of the campaign is paramount, but to be honest lots of great campaign ideas, never break 30%.

Recently, Ario, a wi-fi enabled smart light launched and met their goal on just one day... yes Day 1! Granted their product is really cool... but they seeded the market weeks before launch day... highly strategic for sure. Which begs the question, why did they need just $50k anyhow (now over $124k) one answer... ore-launch marketing gold!

We always tell anyone launching any online campaign... products are always easier than services to meet or break goals. With products contributors (consumers) get one keyword, "exclusivity" in a world dominated by sameness and measured by quantity. Exclusivity to have it first, be an early adopter, and get the positives for supporting small businesses, all adds up to a win-win for campaigns.

For the Purpose Revolution, the funds are to complete and professionally publish the upcoming book (under the same title) and produce/release a five-part video series, the Science of Purpose. My company, Brick House Media Co, is a marketing and producer on this project and will also be closely involved in the production of it. Stay tuned for more as it gets released.

The campaign pitch video... still remains the bread and butter of any campaign online. We crafted this one and then did a full re-shoot about a week later, after some initial feedback and a tough look in the mirror.  We decided to make the video have a lot more WIIFM - What's In It for Me... utilizing the perspective of the contributors, as much as possible.  The fine line in these videos remains serving the online contributors, while allowing the founders to explore their own messaging in the process. Like any good collaboration, there has to be lots of trust, creativity, clear communication and an openness to try new ideas.  It helps having a personal friendship for projects like these. Just 5 hours into the campaign and the project is already in double-digit %'s to goal, a modest $15,000 we hope to explode past $50,000!