Top 10 Killer Video Marketing Strategies

Here at Brick House Media Co, we leverage video in a variety of interesting and innovative ways.  We motivate our clients to create their new videos to yield a variety of online and revenue benefits.. Have a read through our list below and feel free to reach out to us for more ideas on your video marketing.

Please note this top 10 is not listed in order of importance, since every business is unique. Feel free to utilize this list to help you develop a video marketing strategy all your own.

Contact us for assistance or any questions. Good luck and break the mold with your content!

  1. Create Educational Value-Added Videos - We leverage an 80/20 rule in regards to creating video content.  Consider 80% of your video content should be targeted for educational, inspirational, motivational and value-added insights... for your targeted audience.  This type of content is typically "evergreen", which means it will remain relevant online for years to come, and still be useful in the future. We added the above video as an example of this.
  2. Tell Your Personal Story - Create a video or two, to show off your values and passions about why you either started your business or work within it. People love to hear about personal transformations and over-coming odds, so mention any you've had along the way. For example, check Youtube sensation Casey Neistat and how he did this with simple photos and drawing animations. A 2-3 minute personal story is great too!
  3. Leverage Videos to Increase Website Conversions - We helped an online leadership course increase their conversion rate (% of people signing up online) from a strong 44% to a whooping 68% with just one short 2 minute video. People simply relate to video at a much higher rate which helps them take action. Watch the Planet Purpose video here.
  4. Create Tutorial Videos for Tough Concepts or Services - If your product, service or business is quite complex... then please create a video (or 3) for your prospective clients and potential customers. Sometimes you simply have to see something in action to understand what it really does. Check out how Ario lights explains their new wi-fi enabled product, and thus crushing their $50k Kickstarter goal in one day!
  5. Capture the Importance of Your Products + Services - In this video, please address what problem your product or service solves? Address how it can impact people's lives, save them time, money, reduce effort and make their lives better for using it. If you have not figured out what this is... then you need help in this area. Contact us for assistance.
  6. Collect Testimonial Videos - This one is great, if you can get your past or current clients/customers to talk honestly about you or your company. Let your top customers and favorite clients share their experiences, people love to be asked to do this, and are often flattered by it. Check out our own testimonial videos in this Youtube playlist.
  7. Create Live Videos - Smartphones and the internet has come a long way since the days of simply static uploads. There are free services like Google Hangouts, Youtube Live , Periscope and Blab apps and even more to try out. The quality and ROI on these services is still being fully realized, but it is a good time to test out new ideas with your followers or find new followers. Check out your phone app stores to download these today!
  8. Create a Vlog (video blog) or Video Series - This can be a cheap inexpensive way to build-up SEO value towards your website and increase your online reach. People are simply not as motivated these days to read text in a traditional blog, so try converting your text blog into an engaging video instead. Also, you can link to the video as your email newsletter campaign and viewers love this too!  Here's a popular video series we completed for a client, with almost 30k organic (non-paid advertising) views now... always shared back to social channels and leading back to your website!
  9. Convert Powerpoints into Videos- Take those .PPT and .PDF files from Slideshare (please tell me you share them) and convert them into new Youtube videos. You have two options here... 1. The lazy option is to simply post them as a dull slideshow with some cheesy music track (please, don't do this) 2. Record a simple voiceover as you go through each slide and upload that as your video.  Re-purposing your existing content is a great asset to leverage and most forget about these.
  10. Develop Yourself as a Thought Leader - So by doing all the above steps you will already distinguish yourself as an emerging thought leader online. But by sharing your new ideas and innovations around any topic, you begin down this leadership path. Don't wait for someone else's approval to start this... dive into your journey now. Here is our video on the topic.

If you have more ideas and killer video strategies to leverage online, please let us know in the comments here or on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your business. If we can assist you, please contact us here. Onwards!


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