Create Leadpage Websites on Squarespace (Tutorial)

In our complex modern digital marketing world there are maybe too many good ways to collect people's email addresses to grow your subscription list. You may be surprised to learn that email remains one of the best marketing and engagement channels. It can help you gain new addresses from website visitor prospects in hopes of converting them into new customers! 

We've offered some options below and one of our favorite strategic methods for this is to create a one-page website page on the Squarespace platform.  Here are some of the main benefits of using Squarespace (cover pages) as lead pages for acquiring emails:

  • EASE: It's super easy to build and can be completed in under 15 minutes once you understand the process and have already built the content assets to share.
  • UNLIMITED: You can build an unlimited number of these lead pages with a Business account at at under $30 per month!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: These lead pages are customizable for images, layout, branded assets, text, colors with great templates to choose from Squarespace.
  • SEO: These pages live on your main domain URL website, so new traffic from your lead pages will help your overall SEO results, and can be viewed inside the site analytics
  • CONTROL: You retain brand control and can keep viewers on your main domain site, instead of a third party site, that you would have to pay extra for.
Email remains of the best sales and marketing channels, often out performing social media and direct mail.

This video is taken directly from Break On Through, an online course supporting emerging thought leaders. In Brick 3 - Week 3 of the course, we share this step-by-step video tutorial on how to create these pages easily on Squarespace. If you own an existing or new domain or just want to create a one-page site with a custom domain, follow these easy steps to create one! 

Thought leaders require an easy process for people to sign-up and receive emails as subscribers... it’s a core aspect of their growth!
— Jared Brick - Break On Through, course creator

Here are other very popular methods for collecting new prospect emails. Feel free to also test tham as a larger part of your business development strategy. 

  • Google Forms - Easy to create online forms from your Google account, can be embedded onto your website or send them directly to the Google form link. Great for surveys also!
  • Leadpages + ClickFunnels - Create standalone sites or pages, embed them onto your website, as a sub-page (requires more intermediate knowledge of website dev to embed on sites)
  • Pop-Up plug-ins - Tools such as HelloBar and Sumo are plug-in line code to add to your sites to collect emails from viewers. Simple to add, less customizable and some people block pop-ups.
  • Website email forms - The web 1.0 basic dated way to collect emails from people. You will find them on our contact page, but is a back-up strategy and for a different use strategy.

Let us know how you fair and remember to always be offering value that is inspirational, educational and entertaining to people (for free)!

If you would like more information about developing Squarespace websites or joining our online course, Break On Through please click here.