Webinar: Emerge into Thought Leadership 3.22

We're excited to host a live and interactive webinar next week for emerging leaders. This innovative online session will be hosted by the enerJared Brick of Brick House Media Co. Jared will review how professionals at any stage in their journey can leverage media for their growth and evolution into industry leaders. 

Tues. March 21st from 12pm-1pm PST + 3pm-4pm EDT

Please note: This webinar is limited to 250 people so RSVP soon!

Developing into a thought leader can be an effective career strategy and yet is often a crowded confusing space. How will you craft your online world to attract the right audience, top clients, leading speaking gigs, new book deals or more leadership benefits? We’re living in dynamic and uncertain times... now is the time to break out, declare yourself as a thought leader in 2017!

This webinar promises to be packed with quick take-away insights, tech efficiency tools and media strategies to help you break through into a leadership spotlight. 

Join us for this live webinar event on March 21st, 2017.