Inspiring Live Event Speaker: Jared Brick

"Inspiring, Innovative + Passionate" 

Jared Brick, the founding director of Brick House Media Co, speaks at live events to audiences that comprise small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, start-up founders, youth media creators and emerging thought leaders. Jared offers his valuable experience and insight who has spoken at the following types of events:

• Small Business Events

• Networking events

• Global Conferences

• Live Educational Classes

I was so inspired into action after hearing Jared speak at the NewCo Oakland event... he had the talented audience listening so closely. We worked together very soon afterwards... he is the real deal!
— Kathleen Joy, CEO at

We have all been BORED TO DEATH by passive slides filled with fine print text, that are literally read out to us like we were children... we both know this doesn't work! Jared Brick builds each slide deck custom for every single presentation we speak at.

TIP - Your slides should be primarily images, with some text that reference the topic you are speaking about. Text heavy slides should be converted into e-books!  

TED speakers usually have just 18 minutes, only 20 slides to convince millions their ideas are innovative and thus deserve to be shared! We do our best to adhere to the same standards... here are some samples from a recent presentation at WeWork! 

Who designs your awesome slide deck presentations?” We asked Jared... he said he does them all! Man... he can truly do it all!
— Lance Joe • Founder at Payzone Systems, Inc.


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 • The Power of Social Media  • 

 • Instagram for Business Growth • 

 • Thought Leadership Development • 

 • Leveraging MultiMedia Strategies • 

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 •  Live Series: Boost Your Biz 4 Growth  • 

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*Speaker rates are dependent on the type of event and sponsors, no-fee speaking engagements are also available upon request!