Instagram Hack - Move Videos from Computer to Phone

Problem: Getting your edited content videos from your computer to your phone to upload to Instagram feed or for story!

Solution: Move files from your computer using Airdrop for iOS to your iPhone! 

You have spent time and energy editing a video (under 1 min.) to be shared to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but how do you get that file from your computer to your iPhone (sorry Android users). It can be a tricky issue and we saw a challenge here to help you solve it. 

In this video, Jared Brick, the founding director of Brick House Media Co walks you through an online process to transfer computer video files from your desktop/laptop (and hard drives) to your iPhone to upload them to Instagram! Now that Instagram can share up to 1 min. of video, you will want to edit your videos on your computer first!

Second option: Upload and add this video inside Buffer app from your desktop computer, add it as a scheduled post to Instagram, Facebook (page and profile), Twitter, Linkedin (page and profile), Pinterest board and Google +. 

Hopefully this helps you out and gets more video on your social media feeds, which tends to perform 3-5X better than simply still photos! 

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