Creating a SquareSpace Blog Page for Subscriptions!

Here at Brick House Media Co, we love building Squarespace (SS) sites, but we are having trouble with the blog basically if you create a basic blog on Squarespace, it will list all of your different blogs with no thumbnails and no way to subscribe for your viewers. So basically we came up with a  process, so you can change the page, to make it a different type of page, in SS and its going to show up with a subscribe button form and also have all the blog with thumbnails all on one page, nicely formatted!

Let us show you how we did it on the computer side and walk you through this process. 
1- Create a new page on your site, make sure you have built the blog first and you have posts to show
2- As a content block on the page, go to Summary and Grid
3- Choice of wall, carousel, list of grid options (we like grid)
4- Pull content for the grid from the blog archives, so make sure you have 1 post already
5- Under More > add newsletter box that can be connected to Mailchimp lists
6- Add a graphic also for your blog name! 
7- Subscription box with nice graphic lead in for conversions! 
8- CONTACT US to learn what to do with your Squarespace blog page in the menu... (hint, make it "Not Linked" but the new page in the main menu - named blog, we call ours insights)

Hopefully that process helps you on Squarespace blog subscriptions! People can now more easily subscribe faster and it is all on the one page, no pop-ups or call-outs needed.

Brick House Media Co, does work like this all the time, performing multimedia custom services for businesses, thought leaders, startups and professionals, and we provide video, social, website hacks, and tools that help people grow their businesses online and in the digital age! 
For questions please email us. (no spaces and not .com).

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