ChX app mock-up for the  watch features: X, Facebook, Swarm, Yelp, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,  store and photo share feature!  #chXin

meet chX

#chXin for retail shoppers

ChX is a watch app (now in development) exclusively created for location based check-ins... that lead to higher customer engagement and activated retail social media channels.

ChX also provides a one-touch check-in process for users to follow any stores/locations they patron. ChX aggregates a variety of other social media apps to create a simplified process to check-in and follow companies easily!

HOW: Tap the X and it creates 2 actions:

  1.  Checks users into a physical business based on the store's predefined channel/s of your choice: Facebook, Swarm, Instagram, Yelp, etc.
  2. Sends users to follow that business's pre-defined social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.  The retail brick & mortar business can then direct new followers to any social channel they choose!

WHO: ChX is being developed for reluctant, avid and new mobile users to easily "check-in" to locations and follow businesses they patron.  Smart and savvy location based companies, stores and businesses, can engage with new followers, sending them a welcome message (or incentive $ offer). ChX creates an engaging new relationship for on-going future communication and increased patronage.

STATUS: The ChX watch app is being currently being developed under the following framework challenges...


Consumers must download and manage a vast array of apps on their phones and on their  watch, and then they are expected to "check-in" to location based businesses of their own accord... so many never do! The process is not one-touch, ouch.

mobile apps


Solution #1

The ChX app sends the user a "push notification" when inside a location offering them to "ChX" into the business live and in real-time, with no app searching required. The consumer can then share the #chXin to their social channel/s of choice and the process is easy completed, with very minimal initiated from the user.


Retail stores and local businesses seek to add active in-store consumers to their social media channels, but there are NOT great methods to easily do this. Most retail locations have hidden social media signs on the window, at-the-door and on the counters... but most cudotmers never see them or take action. The reality is that most consumers find it too difficult and time-consuming to find the stores active channels and then follow that business. Thus the company and the shoppers lose an opportunity to connect socially and for any future engagements. Bummer right?

social media



ChX provides location based businesses with new checked-in socially active followers, providing new social data and thus developing a fresh engagement channel for untapped sales, marketing and revenue opportunities... Yeah finally!


Currently, consumers have to expend time searching on various social channels and media sites, to find relevant active social media business profiles... so many consumers simply give-up and a major opportunity is lost... Dam.

social media


ChX allows customers to have instant access to FOLLOW a business's active social channels in real-time in every location! Consumers can then follow a businesses they actively patron with 1-touch ease and simplicity... Nice!

The chX watch app is currently under development...

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Q: How is ChX different than other check-in apps like: Swarm, Yelp and Facebook? 

A: ChX is an aggregator app, and combines all these existing and new social check-in apps into one interface for the watch user, seeking to simplify the user's process. It also leverages location based "push" notifications, NFC, beacons and other new technologies to alert your watch app, so you are reminded to check-in. ChX never shows you where other friends are at... as we believe this a bit odd - "big brother-ish."  ChX is not used solely for connecting with other people, it is designed to connect with a business, company or store you patron. Companies are looking to find direct to mobile/wearable communications to customers.

Q: How can ChX help me follow the location stores, businesses, or companies?

A: After checking-in to any location with ChX, we offer you to follow that business's pre-seleceted social channels, in one easy to find step. Each company/business location can pre-select what social channel they would like their fans to follow, making it easy for both parties to directly engage.  Research shows that when consumers reach out to companies, and companies reply directly a strong new relationship is thus developed. The business can then engage with customers via social media channels of their choice.

Q: Can I share a photo or personal comment using ChX?

A: Yes, if you take a photo on your iOS phone, simply touch the camera button and ChX will pull and attach the last photo/s taken to your shared check-in. If you want to add a personalized comment, simply hold your finger down on any social icon for 2-3 seconds and a comment box will pop up. The default text for the a check-in is "Just checked in at (location name) with chX app #chXin #storename"

As ChX develops with new user data, we will modify and iterate the default check-in making it more customize-able for the user and locations.

Q: How does ChX generate revenues?

A: ChX is a new app solution to serve the B2C geo-location check-in industry, so first we focus on getting users and customers!  We can see great sponsorship opportunities from the companies and businesses, as partners.  We do not plan to add advertising in the beginning, but as the user base grows, we can offer a variety of sponsorship and top-tier placements to companies.  The goal is to get millions of people to #chXin first via the  watch app. 

Q: When can I download the chX app?

A: As mentioned, we are in development right now, but if you are interested in being a alpha/beta tester please add your name in the form below. We hope to have a version out to you by Q3 of 2016.

Q: Will you be developing chX for Android or Windows?

A: Based on users feedback and new platform growth, we will know more about developing for other platforms, for now we are just doing iOS  watch for simplicity.

Q: Are you recruiting team members now?

A: ChX is a project by BHMC and founder Jared Brick, if you are interested in being a part of chX, please use the form below. If you have a related skill set, please share that with us. Thank you for your interest.

Q: If you have a burning question, please use the form below and we will reply to you.


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