Do You Suffer from H.O.S.E.?

H.O.S.E. = Hustler Overwhelm Syndrome Experience

A current modern syndrome for ambitious entrepreneurs and business people who feel they are not doing, being or active enough in their professional life!
(fyi, a non-medical diagnosis)

Do you find yourself saying or thinking from time to time...

I am too busy.
I never have enough time.
I am always behind.
My to-do list never stops.
It is too much.
I can't.
It's not possible.
I don't have support.
I am alone.
I will fail.
I don't have enough ____.
I feel under the gun all the time.

If so, 

procrastination on HOSE

If any of these ring true for you... you might be getting hit with the entrepreneurial business H.O.S.E.

If you feel this may be the case for you, it is okay, remember you are human and we all have a variation of these feelings on a daily level, consciously or not. The good news is that we can address HOSE, with some modern Zen practices. 

Explore some of the leading components of a living a balanced and healthy zen life, as offered by ZenHustlers.