We're quite proud of the work we've created for our varied clients. Some are managing long standing traditional companies with a need to evolve online, and others are brand new products & services that seek to develop their entire online world! 

Whichever stage you or your business are currently at; we can assist you in building online assets, creating an efficient engagement process and strategizing with you for new growth. Our goal is for your businesses to gain NEW attention from untapped audiences, and grow new opportunities. Stay tuned or contact us to speak with our clients regarding our work. 


“They understand our business goals, our company values, and our unique brand; they guide us from A to Z! We are glad we found their services. We have seen a 25% growth in website traffic in the first few months of service... WOW!”
— Dr. Peter Kadar L.Ac, Founding Director
“Just one 2 minute video with Brick House Media Co increased our website conversions by over 24%”
— Brandon Peele, Founder, EVR1 +