Brick House Media Co is creative design lab agency inside the dynamic and evolving multimedia world. We're featuring our new projects some currently under-development and more resources to learn about our media vision!

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BREAK ON THROUGH - Online Course

We've built our own private online innovation development course for new and emerging thought leaders, seeking to leverage multimedia to establish themselves for growth. The core involves: Purpose Discovery Exploration, Branding Why Stories, Online Worlds, Curating Content, Syndicating Content and Leadership Launch. Jared Brick is the course leader with 4 other experts also featured on the course content.  Our 6 week program is online and available as of May, 2017!

GRYP Media Creators - Community

Gryp (pronounced grip) is a media creator community based in the Bay Area to support the modern innovative creators in us all!  Gryp is also a Meetup group and also shares a media studio in Oakland, CA at the Port Workspaces. 



MOV - Platform


MOV = Motivational Outdoor Videos for home fitness, gym workouts and custom exercise featuring motivational voice coaches, exciting POV outdoor sports video heart pumping adrenaline music!


CHX - Mobile App

CHX is a new app platform that aggregates the social media follow and location based check-in process for businesses and consumers in retail, conferences, events and more! ChX allows users to follow and check-in with one simple step. 


BURST - Web Series

Based on candid personal interviews about the reckless exuberant  spending, over-inflated valuations, and ridiculous world of the internet tech-bubble of 2000! Begging the question... What have we learned? Burst is a documentary web video series based on the crazy times of the first major internet bubble economy. Personal experiences are recounted by the original startup's employees and people that lived right through it, and how it changed their lives. Burst is a 5-10 part web series. The Wolf of Wall Street, meets Silicon Valley and the Big Short.

  Temporary image - Nintendo 3DS game

Temporary image - Nintendo 3DS game


A science-fiction (Sci-Fi) drama set in the future, about three people that have recently traveled at the speed of light and it how it changes their lives forever. After traveling at the speed of light for a research experiment a blind woman can now see for the first time. A mentally disabled man regains major capacity of his mind and powers of mental telepathy. A third traveler has amazing new human strength abilities. Their new found powers come with dangerous side effects and their lives begin to unravel as they explore their new world.  

ZEN HUSTLERS - Community

We are hustlers. Sharp motivated people that innovate fast, create businesses and scale for massive growth opportunities. We seek our own path in life, not waiting for someone to hand it to us... and we know it will take hard work to go beyond average to attain our ambitious dreams! We embrace zen. As a way of living a careful balancing act of living and being mindful of the present moment with compassion for ourselves and others.  We strive for a calm mind with insightful clarity, so that we may remain in the creative productive flow.  

BIG FEET - Children's book

Tall tales for wild toes, a children's book by Jared Brick inspired by bedtime stories living in the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, CA. There are various different colors of big feet in our world, they eat different foods, have special powers and are impacted by global sustainability issues.