A forward thinking enclave of residential properties

rooted in a shared commitment to creating a community

integrating a low impact built environment on

 spectacular natural surrounding of monterey

Featured on KSBW TV

Featured on KSBW TV

untouched oak forest

Walden Monterey sits a top over 600 acres of primitive and untouched oak forested land. No other inhabitants have lived here since the Native Americans and wildlife. To experience the raw untouched beauty of Walden, schedule your tour here.



We are developing Walden in the eyes and as an homage to Henry David Thoreau and his vision for connecting with nature. The designs are all net-zero incorporating solar and advanced eco-technologies into all aspects of each home. 

Walden CA-051 (1).JPG


Each tree tells a story... and to hear you one must find stillness and embrace the peace this place offers. Walden is about reconnecting, not disconnecting, with what is important in life, work and the world around us. Emerge into this place.