An event highlight and interview reel to share to your audience and fans, watch the Nexties Santa Cruz!

A testimonial video compilation for sharing how your customers love working with you, Port Workspaces, Oakland

A single customer testimonial video with added experiential video scenes for clarity and depth.

A book and product release video with the founder/owner explaining the benefits of what you create!

 A founder story video starring the face of the business, share your passion on your website homepage for SEO results!

Our fully produced, shot and edited Crowdfunding pitch video for an innovative beer company, Dr Hops Kombucha Beer

Recognized in Santa Cruz • Swellies Awards 2018

Bronze • Video Productions

Silver • Videographer


Your videos are SO AWESOME...
we got so excited seeing our members represented and I just can’t stop sharing them, thank you, thank you!
— Joel Pool, founder of Port Workspaces, Oakland


We want to help you out, so we're offering local businesses, startups and entrepreneurs an exclusive video offer to get a three business videos package deal!

Let Jared Brick of Brick House Media assist you with a new series of business videos to grow your following, enroll new customers, sell products and services and rank higher on Google using video for SEO.


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A demonstration video under 1 minute to share on social media, or as an online advertisement, great for Instagram!

A promotional/event video that shares the post-event or energy of a live event on social and to your site!

Below are some more examples of videos included in this exclusive offer:

  • BUSINESS OVERVIEW: Let people know 'what' you do and how you can help them with your business products/services
  • FOUNDER STORY:  Share your passion for your business, why you started it, what keeps you motivated to serve
  • DEMONSTRATIONS: Use video to explain to people what your products/services to in more detail
  • PROMOTIONS/EVENTS: Let us help you document and share the experience of a promo offer or event!
  • TESTIMONIALS: Nothing is better than having your top fans, customers and clients talk about how great you are!
  • CUSTOM: Do you have a video in mind that you have been wanting to capture and share let us know more.

Please be sure to read 'the fine-print' details at the bottom of this page

⏰ This VIDEO offer is valid till May, 31st, 2018

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“I checked out your website video... Outstanding representation WOW!
This confirms to me without a doubt that we are all kindred spirits and miraculous things are about to unfold by working together.
— New client feedback for R. Kamela Laird, Esq. - Collaborative Trust & Estates Lawyer

The fine print details AND more info:

  1. Videos need to be shot at only one location in the SF Bay area, South Bay or Santa Cruz area (some exceptions do apply, please contact us for questions)
  2. Youtube style final videos will all be edited to be under 3 minutes, they can also be embedded onto your website*
  3. One re-edit per video is included in this offer, additional re-edits are invoiced at standard rates, click for rate sheet
  4. Video offer does not include motion graphics, advanced editing, purchased of music and other custom needs.**
  5. Offer is valid as a pre-paid option only, videos will be delivered once editing is completed within 10 days from shoot
  6. Video production must be completed by June 30, 2018 and all payments are non-refundable and held for any future projects.
  7. Videos must be shot in the San Francisco Bay area, San Jose area or Santa Cruz area (additional travel rates may apply).
  8. All original video footage is not included in this offer and may be available for an additional fee, let us know if needed.

- You must have access and ability to add videos to your own website, this services is not included (additional fee may apply)

** - We offer advanced editing services, motion graphics + other custom services, fees apply please contact us or click here



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