Brick House Media Co is creative innovation lab in the dynamic and evolving multimedia world. We are featuring just some of the new projects currently under-development and more resources to learn about our vision!

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GRYP Media Creators

Gryp (pronounced grip) is a media creator community based in the Bay Area to support the modern innovative creators in us all!  Gryp is also a Meetup group and also shares a media studio in Oakland, CA at the Port Workspaces. 





MOV = Motivational Outdoor Videos for home fitness, gym workouts and custom exercise featuring motivational voice coaches, exciting POV outdoor sports video heart pumping adrenaline music!



CHX is a new app platform that aggregates the social media follow and location based check-in process for businesses and consumers in retail, conferences, events and more! ChX allows users to follow and check-in with one simple step. 




We've built our own private online innovation development course for new and emerging thought leaders, seeking to leverage multimedia to establish themselves for growth! Our 6 week program is online and available as of May, 2017!