How to Add Facebook Messenger to Your Website (Video Tutorial)

Have you ever wanted to have a chat on your website, but thought it was too complicated or did not want to use a paid service? 

Well, Facebook smartly added Messenger as a chat plug-in to be able to add it to any website, using just one line of code. This simple addition adds great value to you and your site. This allows people to chat/message you via the Facebook Messenger services! It is an easy solution to add chat and messaging also to integrate social media and your website!

In the above video, Jared Brick, founder of Brick House Media, Gryp Media and Blockchain Media walks you through the Facebook company page admin and Squarespace backend steps. It is a simple process but you will need the following access:

1 - You must have a Facebook page and be an admin on this page

2 - You must have access to your website backend, or send the FB code to your website manager or developer, to assist you. This code will be added into the header code of your website. 

If you want to read how to do this via Facebook Developer, click here

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