The Original Zen Hustler... #RIP Jack O'Neill

Living in Santa Cruz is awesome and sometimes you get to be part of history! Recently, we attended surf icon Jack O'Neill's public ceremony funeral on Pleasure Point. There was a massive paddle-out to honor the legend (possibly the largest in history with over 1,500 surfers) there and a true Navy ceremony. It reminded us that to have a massive impact on this world you have be be an innovator and someone people can admire!

Being a Zen Hustler is all about finding that balance between wanting to grow something new with real impact to people's lives. It is also about knowing that there are others things in life to connect with... not just business growth. His true passions for sailing, surfing, as a dad and family man are more than just honorable... they demand reframe what is important in life! 

The three most important things in life... Surf, Surf, SURF!
— Jack O'Neill

From the quote above Jack's priorities 

Jack was the guy who brought us the modern surf wetsuit, and was much more than simply an inventor! Learn more in this awesome video below...

About this video: If you live and love the ocean then you are sure to know Jack O’Neill. From the wetsuit that let us live the dream of first in and last out to the first ‘surf shop’ that gave us a spiritual home for our wave riding community, Jack’s mission was always to let us have fun and surf longer. O’Neill’s film, I Knew Jack O’Neill, pays homage to Jack the pioneer, Jack the maverick and above all Jack the surfer. See you out back Jack and thanks for being you. Directed by Peter Hamblin / Edited by Sam Dewar / Written by Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor/ Produced by Hamblin Imagery Ltd

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RIP - Jack O'Neill 1923- 2017

RIP - Jack O'Neill 1923- 2017


Get out there and connect with what' s truly important in life...

let Jack's life be your guide!