TOP 10 Video Marketing Strategies {Video}

As a video creator... we have created some top ideas to share to help improve your videos. Often times it is the "what should I shoot" becomes the biggest challenge. 

  1. Create educational, inspirational, helpful video content - Split your content as 80% OPC, other people's content and 20% self-promotional content, as media strategy to share
  2. Tell personal human emotional and authentic story, be real, this helps you connect with people on an emotional level
  3. Leverage video content for increased conversion rates. Video can increase your online conversions by over +40% for our clients alone!
  4. Explainer or demo videos for users of complex products or services. Make a point of view (POV) or animated explainer videos for ease. 
  5. Be sure to address 1-2 problems you are solving in your videos
  6. Collect customer testimonial videos for your online channels! Let prospective customers heard from Others, not just you!
  7. Record and keep your Google Hangout, Youtube live and for future usage.
  8. Create a vlog, a.k.a a video blog, not just text or images, like this one! Video is great for the readers and text works for the SEO Google webcrawlers.
  9. Convert a great powerpoint (PPT) presentation into a video with a voiceover. 
  10. Be bold and develop yourself as a thought leader in your career, industry and field. Don't wait for someone to give you permission, start sharing now. Contact us for support. 

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