Top 7 Ways to Survive... with Heroic Public Speaking!

People's #1 fear in life = PUBLIC SPEAKING

#2 is DEATH!

People would rather die than speak, crazy right!

Actors Michael Port and Amy Mead have created Heroic Public Speaking courses to train people for presentations, speaking and talking to a larger crowd. As actors they certainly know how to work a room and also use their training with an audience. Anyone who is challenged by speaking in public, should tackle this fear immediately and watch this course! 

Here are their top seven ways to become a Heroic Public Speaker:

  1. YES... AND - An improvisational technique to keep a conversation or topic flowing... "Yes... and I would like to tell you about ____."
  2. LISTEN - Always be listening to people,  your audience, the gestures and body language for insights and ideas. 
  3. BE IN THE MOMENT - Never try to hide from the current moment, be right in the middle of it, embrace the wonders and the falls, it is all we have. 
  4. WORK WITH OTHERS WHO HAVE YOUR BACK - Know that the person you are working with has your back and that you can rely on them to help you when needed. 
  5. TAKE BIG RISKS - Playing it safe on stage or at a talk will leave people... BORED, be sure to take risks (not health risks) and they will benefit you in the long run! 
  6. CHOOSE EARLY + OFTEN - Great performers have to make and live with their decisions and choices, so make yours early on and stay committed. Perfect is the evil of good. 
  7. SCARED... LOOK INTO PARTNERS EYES - Yes, you will get scared 

Below are some inspirational videos to get you going... watch more at: