Transforming Local Online TV • Meet SoulBeat.TV

Over the summer and launching in Sept. we took an old Oakland based show from the 1980-90s. Founders, Warren Foster Sr., Bilal M., and Marva Lewis are so passionate to reinvigorate this beloved local channel. The original channel was based on Comcast and considering new video viewing habits to online. 

For us to work on and create this online channel took research, dedication, listening to fans, and digital creativity. We took a specific stance to develop this channel, make it highly shareable and social. We tied in new technologies including Spotlight on the Bay mobile app, and Vimeo apps to connect this new site to streaming televisions anywhere in the world. 

The beauty of working with bold innovators that are sharing live music is that it can resonate with global audiences. With one digital portal it can promote musicians, local artists, businesses and community issues.  We all have high hopes for what SoulBeat.TV can become! 

The focus of the new online network is to: shine a light onto our local Bay Area talent, with shows featuring great live music, positive culture, community information + entertainment that inspires and touches your soul!

FEELIN FINE... NOW ONLINE!  is back online... The Beat is Back. Same Soul. New Channel. is back online... The Beat is Back. Same Soul. New Channel. 

BHMC shot founder videos with Warren, Bilal and Marva below... enjoy! 

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