WTF... is Thought Leadership?

TED speaker  disseminating great research + information to an engaged audience... a thought leader

TED speaker disseminating great research + information to an engaged audience... a thought leader

Thought leadership is getting thrown around alot lately, and we exclusively use it also in our own marketing. Heck we have even made videos about it, click here to watch. We are seeing a rise in this new category of leader... one whose thoughts, ideas and actions are the focal point!

Wikipedia defines it:

"A thought leader can refer to an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field, and whose expertise is sought out and often rewarded." - Wikipedia

Do you think a Thought Leader should...

  • Hold or be working on a Ph.D.
  • Be a published and respected author
  • Speak as a keynote or at conferences
  • Have published recognized or acclaimed research

Here at Brick House Media Co. we believe that you do not have to complete all of these typically perceived notions to make an effective or powerful launch into this new leadership space. The social and online world has shifted, now the ones with the boldest ideas who can find an audience will establish themselves as thought leaders.  Yes, we mean you!

Thought leaders are essentially game-changers, tackling old institutional ideas, models and constructs that have held us back from evolutionary growth. It is no longer just the large corporations that can shift and dictate an idea, often it is coming from the bottom up.

Our own custom multimedia services, help these experts share their insights, ideas and media content across the social web for increased reach, revenue and reactions!

Have you heard of Content Marketing?  This popular marketing strategy emphasizes utilizing and sharing high quality content (articles, posts, blogs, photos, videos and research papers) as the marketing asset for your company or services. The cool thing is that you can share up to 80% of OPC - Other People's Content, with full credit back to original source material. Think of it like a friend who always refers you to great books and new movies... they had not part in the creation of them, but they become a trusted source for you that adds value to your life.  This is the type of trusted relationship you want to develop with your customers and followers.

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Thought leadership is a way for a brand/company/person to position itself as a leader in a certain field or sector by demonstrating its values or expertise.
— Felicity H. Barber, Thoughtful Speech

Felicity Barber, explains this in her Muse article, Everything You've Wanted to Know About Thought Leadership (But Were Scared to Ask)... "Thought leadership isn’t just for brands. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert or leader in your field—and it can give you an edge whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or make a break into a new one."

“It is not the most intelligent or strongest who will survive, but those who are able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment.”
— Leon C. Megginson, LSU Professor

Becoming a bold thought leader can be a way to evolve your career, develop your audience, sell a product or service, or gain more credibility. This can increase your overall reach, get you new clients or even gain more recognition from colleagues and your larger professional network. At a minimum people will see you in a new light, some might call you daring even!


Thought leadership is as much about expertise as it is about passion.  If you can align the two with helpful insights, educational resources and ways to help people; you've found a sweet spot! People want to hear your thoughts and ideas, and in our media driven culture there are so many creative outlets to share to. If you are not sure how to get started please contact us below and we can offer some great ideas and VIP resources here. (Use our code: bhmc15)

Do you suffer from content paranoia? A video by Thought Leadership Leverage

Honestly, it's never too early to start sharing your ideas, thousands on Youtube are doing this weekly. Always be sure to add your personal opinions in regards to others content... as your insight.  Our clients use an online content tool called, to easy curate, customize and share content across all relevant social channels. This way your networks and colleagues will start to envision you as a thought leader in your respective industry or career... welcome to the club.

Now you know a bit more about what thought leadership is, please add your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments or on Twitter to @jaredbrick with this tag #thoughtleaders!


“Regardless of where you are in your career... start sharing, develop your voice, and find your audience!”
— Jared Brick, Brick House Media Co.

This post was inspired by two articles by Felicity Barber and Peter Winick


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