How to SMS a photo or video to Instagram

Recently, our lovely client asked us how to post up to Instagram from her mobile phone, from a photo we texted her. So in true Brick House Media fashion we quickly created an online video tutorial on this easy process.  Again, this video is steps how to receive a text of a photo or video, and then share it to your Instagram app for iPhone!

Below are the steps to share a photo via text (SMS) save it to your camera roll and then upload and share it on Instagram app!
1. Text someone the photo or video you want them to share (can be a screenshot, fyi)
2. Once they receive it, in "Messages" touch the image you want to save.
3. Touch the Save it button, the bottom right or left corner box with the arrow in it.
4. Touch "Save Image" or "Save to Camera Roll" option (depends on your iOS version)
5. Now your image is saved to your iPhone camera roll gallery.
6. Now open up your Instagram app and make sure you are signed in.
7. Click the Camera button located in the bottom middle of the lower menu
8. Click the camera roll or the icon with your images on it, should be lower left or touch "Library" in the latest app version.
9. The last image saved will show up first, or select the appropriate image (you can now share multiple images with Layout) you saved on your phone.
10. Click next and walk through the process to share via Instagram.

TIP- Instagram now allows you to share landscape and vertical images, not only square, plus videos up to 20 seconds in length.

Want to learn how we made this mobile tutorial video in under 10 minutes, just contact us!


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