4 Reasons Your Blog is Boring

So you publish a company blog...


Stinky blog

Did you really think the moment you shared any written ideas about your company, industry or topic the internet would be on fire from your post?  So sorry to disappoint you... but if you are reading this you may already be bummed out, appropriately. The web does not need one more boring text blog! 

Any capable mobile-equipped teenager with an Instagram or Tumblr account probably already has more followers than you (ouch, does that one hurt). Don't feel bad though, you are not alone... most non-professional bloggers are left wondering how to make this "bloggy thing" work for them.  Great blogging tools are so easily available on platforms like Wordpress, but the real challenge remains... how to get people to read it, subscribe and convert to paying customers! So what's the secret sauce then you ask?

Click here  to read more about this chart

Click here to read more about this chart

Kissmetrics recently shared their ideas about why your blog may be lacking the audience you thought it would get.  But before we dive into that... ask yourself these 5 important questions.  

  1. What was the original point of your blog? 
  2. Was it created to help people with insightful targeted information?
  3. Did you have realistic expectations for it being read?
  4. Who did you think would be reading it?
  5. Was adding a blog a necessary step for your company website? Or did some SEO guy tell you to do so?

Kiss metrics goes on to offer some great ideas and insights such as:

You don’t simply need traffic...You need the right kind of traffic.


Consider this, maybe a blog isn’t the best strategy for you.

Basically, writing and sourcing content is not for everyone and your goal should not both be the most read blog in the world.  If you can stay top of mind for a targeted group of people in your industry and they come to trust you... then it is a successful blog. If not, then you might want to reconsider having one at all.  Heck drive people to your favorite industry or another blog site then.  Realize you may still be the right service provider for them... but not the right blogger.  They will hopefully remember you for the referral and thank you later for the helpful info!


boring blog

1. You Aren’t Sharing it Socially - Go where the people are... repost your blog posts or use tools in the blogging software to "syndicate" each blog to your Facebook page, Linkedin page/profile, Twitter account, Google+ page. This way you cast the widest net possible to catch people reading your content. Such as, repost your company blog here on Linkedin's Pulse... but reformat the language and tone (business casual) for a wider audience, if possible. 

Wordpress helps you to "syndicate" your blog socially by connecting your other online social media accounts. 

2. You Aren’t Focusing on Any One Keyword or Subject - Be sure that your blogs are targeting a specific audience, keyword or subject topic. If you are an accountant don't share about marketing, and if you are a lawyer don't share about health. Your goal is to establish yourself as an expert online and attempt to become a trusted thoughtleader in your field or industry. Here is our example

3. It’s Boring as Heck - Sorry, I know it is harsh but honestly most blog content is boring as sin. Try to make your content (writing) more wide scope and relatable for a wider audience.  See if you can take a popular topic or idea and tie it to a blog post. If you see an ad or a movie that somehow mentions your topic, add it in there. Here is one of our clients example of how that worked well using a popular current movie.  


Images can help you NOT be so boring!

Images can help you NOT be so boring!

4. Your Blog Design is Horrible - Again, harsh but real... most sites are dry, lack creativity and are mainly text (people tune out). Try spicing it up with some images, a relevant video to share and other visual content piece that relate to your industry. Use Google images or a stock library if you do not have company images to use already. One of our clients simply used Tumblr as her company blog, redirected from the main website to attract followers.  We selected a template that closely matched her website, so the transition felt good for views. 

At the end of the day, there is no perfect magic recipe for getting hundreds and thousands of eyes on your blog posts. But one thing is for sure... if you personally don't love your blog, its content, the design and it lacks engagement, chances are that no one else will either.  Be patient, make these changes and give it 3-6 months at least for any improvement... these things take some time to build up. 

"Content marketing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. If traffic doesn’t spike overnight, don’t be dismayed."  ~ Neil Patel

At Brick House Media Co, we assist you as a business owners, founder, start-up company and or bold entrepreneur to build, engage and grow your online presence.  We leverage blogs and tech services like Scoop.it to help get more eyes on content, as a marketing tool.  If we can be of service to your company, please contact us today


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Post adapted from this Kissmetrics article

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