Temporary image -  Nintendo 3DS game cover

Temporary image - Nintendo 3DS game cover


A science-fiction (sci-fi) story of three people that have recently traveled at the speed of light, and it how it changes their lives forever. After traveling at the speed of light for a government research experiment the three travelers discover incredible new powers and human abilities. Will they now use them for good or allow the powers to corrupt them one-by-one?

A previously blind woman can now see for the first time from this experiment. Her new vision abilities allow her to have perfect memory recall from any point in her life. She can also now see glimpses into her future. 

Prior to the experiment a mentally disabled man regains full capacity and control of his brain above 50% usage. He can use mental telepathy and also move / control objects with his mind with ease.

The third traveler entered the experiment quite normal and has gained surprising new powers in his body. He has incredible strength and can move amazingly fast. His body is morphing and transformed daily.  

With their new found powers come with dangerous side effects and their lives begin to unravel as they attempt to readjust to their lives and the world around them.