Did you know that Big feet are real!

They live all over the world but are really great at hiding.

Some live in the redwoods… some on sandy beaches.

Some by volcanos and some in cities.

Some eat seaweed and some can run as fast as cars.

They come in all different colors & all have one thing in common…

Awesomely  BIG FEET!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.08.53 PM.png

Meet Barney

He’s really fury and lives in the Redwood + Sequoia forests, climbing the tallest trees and eating yummy berries. His favorite game is playing ‘Marco Polo’ with his other fuzzy friends in the woods.

Likes: Wild Blueberries

Hates: Bark Beetles (they kill trees)

Favorite Food: Bark (it’s like gum)

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Super Power: Master at Hide & Seek


meet Ruby

She’s lives around an active volcano and thinks mega explosions are super cool! Her best friend is an eagle named, Jak. She can even run across hot lava and
not burn her feet!

Loves: When things go BANG!

Hates: Species extinction (animals dying)

Favorite food: Mangos

Location: Mt. Batar, Bali

Super Power: Making lavaballs  


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.13.12 PM.png

Meet Yuri

He lives in the dry super hot desert and his best friends are a snake, scorpion and beetle named Bodi. He slides down massive sand dunes and can even go one whole week without drinking any water! You would get de-hydrated in just one day.

Loves: Sandstorms

Hates: Sea levels rising (from lots of ice melting)

Favorite food: Figs

Location: Eilat, Israel

SuperPower: Sand surfing