If you’re a scratch DJ or a fan of the scene, there is one sound you will be intimately familiar with. This documentary series seeks to explore the history, legacy, and mystery of the ‘AHHH Fresh’ sample. Where did it come from? Who made it? Where are they now? Why is it an ever present at any respectable scratch session?
— Jesse Felluss - Producer, Creator + DJ

It appeared at the end of a Fab 5 Freddy record as an afterthought... a funny studio moment caught on tape. Now over 30 years later, it exists as the world's most recognizable scratch sample and continues to pop up in top DJ sets to this day. There are many reasons why this is the case, and we wanted to know what they are from the worlds' top jocks.

We're also very interested in the mystery behind the sound. What the person who said it thinks of it today? We are interviewing the folks who were there when the original sound was created, and hear their story in relation to it's legacy.  If you have a strong opinion, story, theory, or connection to the sound, we'd love to chat! Please get in touch below.

The world's best DJs still respect it and gets played around the globe. Ahhh Fresh is a new web doc video series of interviews from globally recognized DJs who have deeply embraced this sound in their music. Learn more below about our progress so far.



DJ QBert djqbert.com

DJ Disk - DJ Disk

DJ Quest djquest.com

Jas Hwo - audio expert


San Francisco, Ca


Berkeley, CA


Denver, CO


Mix Master Mike

Herbie Hancock

DJ Fresh





Founder: theJFsound.com


International DJ

Multimedia Specialist





Founder: bhmedia.co

PRO Multimedia Marketing

Media Creator + InnovatoR



To be considered for an interview, please email producer:  jessefelluss@gmail.com

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Do you have a personal experience with the Ahhh Fresh sound? If so, please share it with us!







Did you know that Big feet are real!

They live all over the world but are really great at hiding.

Some live in the redwoods… some on sandy beaches.

Some by volcanos and some in cities.

Some eat seaweed and some can run as fast as cars.

They come in all different colors & all have one thing in common…

Awesomely  BIG FEET!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.08.53 PM.png

Meet Barney

He’s really fury and lives in the Redwood + Sequoia forests, climbing the tallest trees and eating yummy berries. His favorite game is playing ‘Marco Polo’ with his other fuzzy friends in the woods.

Likes: Wild Blueberries

Hates: Bark Beetles (they kill trees)

Favorite Food: Bark (it’s like gum)

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Super Power: Master at Hide & Seek


meet Ruby

She’s lives around an active volcano and thinks mega explosions are super cool! Her best friend is an eagle named, Jak. She can even run across hot lava and
not burn her feet!

Loves: When things go BANG!

Hates: Species extinction (animals dying)

Favorite food: Mangos

Location: Mt. Batar, Bali

Super Power: Making lavaballs  


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.13.12 PM.png

Meet Yuri

He lives in the dry super hot desert and his best friends are a snake, scorpion and beetle named Bodi. He slides down massive sand dunes and can even go one whole week without drinking any water! You would get de-hydrated in just one day.

Loves: Sandstorms

Hates: Sea levels rising (from lots of ice melting)

Favorite food: Figs

Location: Eilat, Israel

SuperPower: Sand surfing


The Wolf of Wall St. meets Silicon Valley and The Big Short!


"The Parties were Absolutely Crazy!"  

"The Money was Ridiculous"

"The Businesses Had No Plan or Products"

"Some Quite Stupid People Made Millions"

"We Raised Millions From a Great  .com Name!

"Y2K was Real + Scary"

Based on candid personal interviews about the reckless exuberant  spending, over-inflated valuations, and ridiculous world of the internet tech-bubble of 2000!

Begging the question... What have we learned?


Burst, is a new documentary web video series based on the CRAZY TIMES of the first major internet bubble economy.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES ARE recounted by the STARTUPS employees and real people that lived RIGHT through it AND CHANGED THEIR LIVES!

Format - Burst IS A 5-10 part WEB series (INITIAL releasE)






Aol- America Online

Yahoo (Acquired by Verizon 7/2016)


Silicon Valley, CA

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Seattle, WA


2000 crash

What Happened - is a Documentary about the DotCom 1.0 era (1995-2000 market crash), created by Chas Mastin, Michael Lefort, Aldo Bello and a cast of characters in 2001-02. It features such luminaries as Marc Cuban and explains how investment banks helped create the 90's tech bubble. If you would like to hear the hilarious and tragic stories of companies. Straight from the workers on the front lines! 


Traces the birth and failure of new media company govWorks.com.

STATS FROM 1995-2001

  • Spring of 2000 - Billions of dollars and jobs disappeared due to the over-inflation of the dot com businesses
  • Over $5 Trillion was poured into the internet economy (FYI, Atomic BombS cost over $20 billion)

Seeking Interviews


Please reach out to us if you would like to be interviewed for Burst

Request For Footage


Please contact us if you own the right to relevant media (photos, videos, audio, documents)

Contact us to get involved with Burst!


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find • follow • check-in

If you're like us, you want to follow and connect with new companies, brands, and new people you respect! But sadly the current process is time-consuming, and can be down-right annoying, involving searching for their profiles (@handles) across many popular social media channels. You also want to check-in to physical locations but the process is again time-consuming and annoying... so we fixed it!

ChX is a new mobile app (under development) exclusively created for efficiently at following new @profiles on social media... leading to a better experience for new followers, growth on social media channels and new engagement opportunities!

ChX also provides a one-touch follow back and check-in process for users to follow any brands. We aggregate their most popular social media channels to create a streamlined experience for users. You can finally follow and check-in all in one place!





  • BARS + MORE...






PROCESS: The user can search for a person, company or brand and follow their social media channels or company contact info in one step. 

  1. The user signs into ChX with connecting their social media channels (API)
  2. The search for a @handle or company name and are shown a list of relevant and geo-targered results
  3. They select the profile desired and can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and also see a company website (url), email and other options like phone and physical address.
  4. The user is also shown a engagement leaderboard per social media channel to view content (per channel) 
  5. After they have followed them, they can easily visit any or the most active channel of choice, or contact them
  6. The user can return to ChX to see which profiles they follow and which channels are most active for them in real-time


PROCESS: The user gets notified to check-in when they are inside, near or enter a new location.

  1. Users can choose which social media channels to "share" their check-in to, (multiple can be selected at once)
  2. Users have the option to share the most recent photo or video from their smartphone attached to the check-in
  3. Users are prompted to follow the store's social media channels or download the store's primary mobile app*
  4. Users can immediately engage with the store's social media channels of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, Swarm, Instagram, Yelp, simply by tapping one.
  5. The profile or store can then direct message (DM) the users about deals, discounts, in-store aisle info or other relevant information, while they are inside and still at the location!

*The store or location can direct them to the app store, website or other online location of choice

ChX app draft mock-up for the  app features: ChX, Facebook, Foursquare's Swarm, Yelp, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram,  store (for more retail apps) and a photo sharings feature!  Share #chXin

B2C • C2B • B2B

B2C ENGAGEMENT: Location-based stores and businesses, seek to develop new relationships with active shoppers and online followers while inside their stores. They gain the added benefits of social media mentioned, new followers and the ability to directly communicate with shoppers, all while in-store! ChX creates an engaging new relationship for on-going future communication and increased revenue opportunities. 

C2B USERS: ChX is being developed for the reluctant, yet interested and active mobile users to "check-in" to retail locations and also follow @profiles. ChX users are smartphone app patrons that seek active retail store incentives, increased store engagement and an ability to directly communicate for more information. 

B2B USERS: Companies can now also follow other companies with the same ease and simplicity of base users. Companies now rely on cross-promotions from other brands to help reach and engagement on social media. This growth hacking technique is used by the most prolific channels in existence. The opportunity space here is ripe for innovation!


C2B = Consumer to Business

B2C = Business to Consumer

B2B = Business to Business


Problem:  The Big Ask

Consumers must download and manage a vast array of social media check-in apps on their smartphones, and then they are asked to "check-in" to location-based businesses of their own accord... so most don't! This process is multi-step, too involved!




The ChX app sends the user one "push-notification" when inside or near a retail location offering them to "chXin" into the business live and in real-time, with no mobile app searching required. The user can then share their chX to their social media channels of choice and the process is efficiently completed, with very minimal initiated from the user.

Problem: Location Engagement

Retail stores and local businesses seek to add active in-store customers to their social media channels, but are no easy app processes to achieve this. Most retail locations have hidden social media signs on doors, windows, walls and on random counters... but most customers never see even see them. For those that do notices them (see below) the ask is too big... open your app, type in the search, sort results and then follow... a 4-5 step process at least!

The reality is that most consumers find it too difficult and time-consuming to find the stores active channels and then follow that business. The business and the shoppers lose an live in-person opportunity to connect socially and for any future communications!



ChX provides location based businesses with new socially active followers, providing real-time social media data and thus developing a live engagement channels for underutilized sales, marketing and revenue opportunities! #winning

Problem: Lost Opportunities

Currently, consumers have to expend time searching on various social channels and media sites, to find relevant active social media business profiles... so many consumers simply give-up and a major opportunity is lost... Dam.


ChX allows customers to have instant access to FOLLOW a business's active social channels in real-time in every location! Consumers can then follow a businesses they actively patron with 1-touch ease and simplicity... Nice!

Currently Under Development...

Follow ChX on Angel List


Q: How is ChX different than other check-in apps like: Swarm, Yelp and Facebook? 

A: ChX is an aggregator app, and combines all these existing and new social check-in apps into one interface for the watch user, seeking to simplify the user's process. It also leverages location based "push" notifications, NFC, beacons and other new technologies to alert your watch app, so you are reminded to check-in. ChX never shows you where other friends are at... as we believe this a bit odd - "big brother-ish."  ChX is not used solely for connecting with other people, it is designed to connect with a business, company or store you patron. Companies are looking to find direct to mobile/wearable communications to customers.

Q: How can ChX help me follow the location stores, businesses, or companies?

A: After checking-in to any location with ChX, we offer you to follow that business's pre-seleceted social channels, in one easy to find step. Each company/business location can pre-select what social channel they would like their fans to follow, making it easy for both parties to directly engage.  Research shows that when consumers reach out to companies, and companies reply directly a strong new relationship is thus developed. The business can then engage with customers via social media channels of their choice.

Q: Can I share a photo or personal comment using ChX?

A: Yes, if you take a photo on your iOS phone, simply touch the camera button and ChX will pull and attach the last photo/s taken to your shared check-in. If you want to add a personalized comment, simply hold your finger down on any social icon for 2-3 seconds and a comment box will pop up. The default text for the a check-in is "Just checked in at (location name) with chX app #chXin #storename"

As ChX develops with new user data, we will modify and iterate the default check-in making it more customize-able for the user and locations.

Q: How does ChX generate revenues?

A: ChX is a new app solution to serve the B2C geo-location check-in industry, so first we focus on getting users and customers!  We can see great sponsorship opportunities from the companies and businesses, as partners.  We do not plan to add advertising in the beginning, but as the user base grows, we can offer a variety of sponsorship and top-tier placements to companies.  The goal is to get millions of people to #chXin first via the  watch app. 

Q: When can I download the chX app?

A: As mentioned, we are in development right now, but if you are interested in being a alpha/beta tester please add your name in the form below. We hope to have a version out to you by Q3 of 2016.

Q: Will you be developing chX for Android or Windows?

A: Based on users feedback and new platform growth, we will know more about developing for other platforms, for now we are just doing iOS  watch for simplicity.

Q: Are you recruiting team members now?

A: ChX is a project by BHMC and founder Jared Brick, if you are interested in being a part of chX, please use the form below. If you have a related skill set, please share that with us. Thank you for your interest.

Q: If you have a burning question, please use the form below and we will reply to you.



Name *
Temporary image -  Nintendo 3DS game cover

Temporary image - Nintendo 3DS game cover


A science-fiction (sci-fi) story of three people that have recently traveled at the speed of light, and it how it changes their lives forever. After traveling at the speed of light for a government research experiment the three travelers discover incredible new powers and human abilities. Will they now use them for good or allow the powers to corrupt them one-by-one?

A previously blind woman can now see for the first time from this experiment. Her new vision abilities allow her to have perfect memory recall from any point in her life. She can also now see glimpses into her future. 

Prior to the experiment a mentally disabled man regains full capacity and control of his brain above 50% usage. He can use mental telepathy and also move / control objects with his mind with ease.

The third traveler entered the experiment quite normal and has gained surprising new powers in his body. He has incredible strength and can move amazingly fast. His body is morphing and transformed daily.  

With their new found powers come with dangerous side effects and their lives begin to unravel as they attempt to readjust to their lives and the world around them.  

TraX was an award-winning sustainability action community based around reusable rewards from consumers and retailers. It was founded by Jared Brick, inside the Presidio Graduate School program 2012. In 2014, it was awarded the Eco-Social Media Innovation by Stopwaste.org in their Business Efficiency awards. TraX was discontinued as a rewards platform at the end of 2014. In 2016, the traxapp.co website was taken down and this page serves as the public record of the traX actions app.  

TraX Actions

trax actions


Partner Company  -  Simply Straws

Partner Company - Simply Straws

Partner Company  -  Clean Water Fund

Partner Company - Clean Water Fund

Partner Company  -  ChicoBags

Partner Company - ChicoBags



The TraX Actions Rewards Process


TraX was a multi-step process to track positive actions taken be real consumers inside retail locations via Instagram and rewarded with SquareCash funds. 

STEP 1: Consumers take positive actions inside retail stores, such as: utilizing reusable cups, bags, containers, bottles and even straws. Also supporting organic, fair-trade and made in USA products. 

STEP 2:  The actions taken by consumers reduce ecologically harmful single-use disposable (SUD) waste and support healthier cleaner communities. 

STEP 3: Consumers document their actions via the popular Instagram app with photos and videos, tagging their store location and adding #traXactions to share their positive actions with the world. View #traXactions photos and videos here

STEP 4: TraX community member actions are rewarded via Square Cash incentives to spend freely as they see fit! 

Future positive actions are organically spread via social media and online channels!







2013 + 2014 CAMPAIGNS

2013  TraX Actions  process with partners (not currently active)

2013 TraX Actions process with partners (not currently active)

2014  TraXOakland  campaign, using the #traXoakland tag (not active)

2014 TraXOakland campaign, using the #traXoakland tag (not active)




To learn more about traX please contact Jared Brick

Follow traX on Twitter  •  Facebook  •  Instagram  •  Youtube  •  Tumblr